The Ball-Reinvented & it’s called Hackaball! Will this encourage kids to play at the play ground again?

There are endless possibilities when it comes to design, a well-thought design can make life easy or interesting,  Hackaball is one such interesting design.

A ball is a toy you play with, throw, bounce, kick, chase… but what happens if the ball knew it had been kicked and responded?


That’s Hackaball, it’s a ball that creates new possibilities for games.  Hackaball is an iPhone connected ball, full of outputs, it turns many colors, vibrates, plays sounds and it can sense many things like shaking, falling, quick passes, slow passes… and more… The ball has two components, a ball and an app. You choose the game on the app and then play it with the ball. But even better, the app allows anyone to invent and program new games.


Imagination and game creation comes naturally to children and parents with existing toys, but Hackaball takes this to a whole new level. The product design company Made by Many has tested it with over 70 children and was amazed to see just how quickly they start playing, experimenting and making new games. After working with children over 18 months to prototype the design, Made by Many launched the Hackaball at SXSW in March. It’s not gone into production yet but we can’t wait till it does. Will this encourage kids to play at the play ground and leave their video games??

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