Top 10 cartoons of the 90’s that made childhood, Epic!

If there is one things that binds the 90’s generation together is our love for the TV. The 90’s kids who are now in their early twenties will fondly remember the simple good things in life like the video games, fun erasers, summer vacation with friends, and more importantly cartoons. The words ‘Disney hour’ and Vishaal Bhaiyaa have a special meaning to us.

Here is a list of top 10 cartoons of the 90’s (in no particular order) that made childhood, epic!

1. Aladdin: While most of us don’t like watching American TV shows in Hindi, if there is one cartoon we don’t mind desi, it’s this. A petty thief who falls in love with the princess and undertakes a trip around the world on his flying carpet and a rag tag team that helps save the world. Oh how we loved talking like Yago –The tapori parrot.


2. The little Mermaid: Ariel the little adventurous mermaid who with her friend Flounder go around the underwater kingdom sometimes getting into trouble. Sebastian the friendly crab accompanies Ariel, but only because he’s worried. Remember the heavy south Indian accent the crab had?


3. Swat Kats: Two garage dwelling cats that also saved the city. Cartoon Network back then was dominated by Hanna-Barbara, the high on adrenaline chases and dealing with slimy monsters like Dark Kat and Dr Viper. For about half an hour each day, we’d be taken it by ‘Bade meow and Chote Meow’ who would take us on a ride of Megakat city!


4. Flintstones: What do you say about the most modern cavemen? Another Hanna-Barbara classic, the Flintstones completely changed our idea of the Jurassic age. Dino is the family pet dinosaur who fondly licks Fred. The next door neighbors with Betty and Barney add a sense of community. The Flintstones’ technology like the stone car and the penguin fridge we pretty epic!


5. Scrooge Mcduck: A millionaire duck who with his naughty nephews and accident prone pilot Launchpad go on endless adventures around Duckburg. Remember the Beagle boys who always tried to steal from Uncle Scrooge but were stopped by Huey, Dewey, and Louie? You can almost hear the Duck Tales background score as you’re reading this, can’t you?


6. Powerpuff Girls: Speaking of saving the day, how can you forget the adorable superhero girls Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles who save the city of Townsville from an unending list of villains who were raining terror? “And once again the day was saved, thanks to the powerpuff girls”. Thank God for Prof Utonium and Chemical X, our childhood was so awesome! Almost all of us as kinds tried to do the Mooojo JoJo impression.


7. TaleSpin: Flying with his side kick, Kit, Baloo flies in the high skies often dealing with air pirates like Don Karnage, remember Kit who would pull out his fan and fly behind the airplane with Baloo? Tale Spin was cute and warm, but it was also adventurous and funny! Please tell us you remember Rebecca going “Balooooooo” .


8. Tom and Jerry: A lot of us just think of Tom and Jerry when we’re really stressed. Given how hilarious the show was, could you blame us 20 something’s to keep going back to the best show on TV? Most of us still do the ‘Tom trying to keep awake’ impression at work when we’re bored, accept it. A true 90’s kid can have an entire conversation based just on the most popular cartoons –Tom and Jerry.


9. Scooby Doo: It’s always a creep with a mask! The rag tag team of teenage detectives is what gave us the ultimate whodunit. The adorable Great Dane is what we wanted our pet to be, the scared expression that Shaggy and Scooby gave were priceless. Remember how hungry they used to be? Even as an adult, there are times we wish we had the Scooby snacks just to get some work done!


10. Dexter and Dee Dee: Every one of us had a geeky friend we thought was Dexter, with a funny accent and doing genius things in his laboratory. Even after much interference from DeeDee his annoying sister Dexter managed to make the most of it. When most people think ‘serial killer’ we think of a tiny boy in a lab coat when someone says ‘Dexter’.

dexter and deedee

There are so many more cartoons that we connected with right from Courage the cowardly dog to Johnny Bravo, how can you forget the Jetsons? Then there was Spiderman and Batman who made TV sheer pleasure. If you have a favorite cartoon you want to tell us about, feel free to drop in a comment.


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