Why Does Your Brand Need a Video?

In the digital world, it’s a given that every brand needs a website, at least one social network profile, and a basic grasp of SEO if you’re going to even make a dent in the market. But for many, videos can seem just one step too far. However if you take that extra step and expand into the world of Youtube, the rewards you reap can be phenomenal.

Everybody learns and absorbs information differently. Perhaps at school you were the top reader in the class, or maybe you found audiobooks a lifesaver. Some people absorb information through doing things, others through watching them. Videos have a high visual impact, and in just one minute you can have the same effect as 1.8 million words, according to Dr James McQuivey. Through effective promotion videos, product demonstrations, case studies and other forms of brand videos, you can give your brand a personality whilst getting the message across clearly and quickly.

It’s all very well talking about the benefits of video, but what about the results? As the 2nd biggest search engine in the world, not to mention a branch of Google, featuring on Youtube gives you have a much better chance of climbing the rankings. In fact, by producing videos for your business you become more credible amongst customers, provide useful information that will inform their decisions, and leave them with a good impression that makes them more likely to buy http://searchenginewatch.com/article/2333878/Video-Helps-Persuade-73-of-People-to-Buy-a-Product-or-Service-Survey . So whether you’re a B2B or a B2C brand, it’s important to invest in moving to the next level with your marketing.

Brand videos can significantly increase your website traffic and conversion rates. However there are some great examples of effective marketing campaigns that have gone viral, so let’s end with taking a look at 5 Viral Ads of 2014:

1. Nike –Winner Stays

We can’t all afford Neymar and Ronaldo to star in our brand videos, but the point is that giving your brand video a context makes it engaging and shareable.

2. Volkswagen – Game Day Commercial

Released on the day of 2014 Super Bowl, this quirky Volkwagen advert has had over 17 million views on Youtube. Not bad for a minute of advertising, don’t you think?

3. O2 – Be More Dog

With over 3 million views, this marketing campaign has seized on the popularity of animal videos with great results.

4. Three – Sing it Kitty

Showing the power of the funny video, Three is another brand that has been churning out the viral ads recently, and with over 5 million views, their strategy is obviously working!

5. Bud Light – Up For Whatever

Another Super Bowl advert that capitalised on the ridiculous to gain themselves over 18 million views. Oh, and don’t forget the power of the #hastag!

With over 2 billion video views a day, Youtube is clearly a powerful search engine to feature on. So when it comes to brand videos, the question is can you really afford not to invest in one? Civa Studios can help you to create a brand video which:

-  Explains your business model

-  Gives a product demonstration

-  Clearly reflects your brand

-  Is fun and engaging

-   Has promotional purposes

To find out more information, drop us an email and see what we can do for you!

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